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Another post from my lab book: Cytochrome Oxidase enzymatic activity


It has been a week since my last post. Today I would like to share a very detailed step-by-step protocol to prepare standards to measure cytochrome oxidase activity using a dot-blot/slot-blot apparatus. This protocol will guide you through all the steps to prepare standards to measure cytochrome oxidase activity in histological sections. Please remember that this is optimized for human brain sections; thus, you may need to perform some modifications to use it in other species, keeping in mind that metabolic rates may vary enormously from tissue to tissue, and across species. If you find this post useful, you may also be interested in our publications:

Melendez-Ferro, Rice, Roberts, Perez-Costas (2013) J. Neurosci Methods, 214(2):156-62. PMID: 23376420

Rice, Smith, Roberts, Perez-Costas, Melendez-Ferro (2014) PLOS One, 8;9(6):e100054. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100054. PMID: 24941246

Please cite our work if you find it useful for your own :)



dot-blot dilutions protocol web_Page_1.jpg
dot-blot dilutions protocol web_Page_2.jpg
dot-blot dilutions protocol web_Page_3.jpg
dot-blot dilutions protocol web_Page_4.jpg


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