• Emma Perez-Costas

Welcome to Science Morsels!

This is my first post in my blog "Science Morsels". A morsel is a small piece, a small bite. I have chosen this name for the blog of my Science Editing Services web site, because the intent of this blog is to provide little bites of information concerning science in a broad sense, as well as some little "morsels" of specific information about science editing and science writing.

I decided to start my blog before the end of the year, instead as a the typical "new year resolution". Why? because New Year resolutions, for the most part, do not last very long. Thus, this is an experimental attempt to make my blog outlast the "New Year resolutions effect"

So, how do you start an "end of the year" first post? well, like everybody else, scientists also like to make lists. Some of the most respected lists in science are published by Nature and Science at the end of the year, thus, here you can find the link to Science Magazine "Breakthrough of the Year", as well as Nature Magazine "Nature's 10".

Enjoy it!

© Emma Perez-Costas, PhD. December 28th 2014.


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